2017-08-03 by Hoegnison


Hello everyone,
it has been a while since we gave you an update on the development status of AAW. As you all know AAW is a 100% freetime project of our developers and sometimes it is hard to spend the time on the project you would like to spend.

Despite the shortage of time we were still able to make some progress including this new and fance news system, that allows us to keep you informed more regulary :) But let´s get right into it and talk about the things we have planned fore future and the features we are working on.


After we have implemented the first iterations of our scoreboard including basic statistics about player on squad performance which can be accessed during the game, we now proceed to make these statistics visible on our Website in an application called Warlog. In the Warlog players will be able to see the game stats of their recent games and check their ranking in the global leaderboard. Furthermore we plan to update the serverbrowser as well, so it will look as fancy as the Warlog

Here you can see some prototype mockups created by our newest developer Flameangel.




During the last weeks we had a lot of play sessions on a weekly schedule. This was a great opportunity to get feedback on our gamedesign and to find some nasty bugs :) We want to thank everybody who participated in these sessions. Right now we are no longer hosting these weekly play sessions because we are about to make some changes in our infrastructure but they will return soon™ We also will continue with our playtests to test our newest features and bug fixes. Furthermore there are a few 24/7 server up and running which are hosted by our pilot communities like Hostile Takeover and WGP. Head over to our serverbrowser or our discord, where you can find all the server informations!

AAW Competitive Event

Another thing we are currently preparing is a competitive AAW event, where professional Arma clans will team up and fight against each other. Currently we are selecting suitable communities and reaching out to them. If you are member of a clan that is interested in competitive PvP warfare make sure to reach out to us. We also think about providing room for freelancers which are not part of any community to serve as a reserve. More informations will be communicated once we are ready. The event will be hosted by our development team and we think about providing commentated streams in German and English.


Furthermore, we have decided to shut down our forums. We had the feeling that at the moment, there is no use for that because most of the community member tend to contact us over our discord server. Once there is a need for a forum in terms of structuring community input, we will reactivate it.