Arma At War (AAW) is an Arma 3 game mode with its main focus on teamplay and communication. Both play as big of a role as the openness to modern concepts and influences.

While we are trying to make the entry barrier as low as possible, we will still include depth and complexity. The catch phrase 'Easy to learn, hard to master' really shapes the whole project.

Since ArmA 3 does a great job at delivering an authentic combat experience, we'll adjust it's realism settings only to a certain degree.

We will continue to implement features that compliment the tactical team based playstyle and even take in suggestions and feedback from the community.

To summarize, Arma At War is going to be released as a framework that delivers a very compelling, teamplay oriented game mode in Project Reality fashion right off the bat.


Advance And Secure Gamemode

Capture and hold zones in a pre-determined order.

Custom User Interface

Including Spawn Screens, custom compass etc.

High Performance

Code is written to ensure high performance gameplay at high frame and fast networking code.

Logistics System

Assist your team by resupplying the frontlines, build FOBs or emplacements.

Medical System

Treat wounds, revive and transport wounded team mates with our intuitive Medical System.

Marker System

Assign order markers to guide your squad or spot enemies on the map.

Squad Management System

Create, join and manage your squad and squad members.

Deployment System

Choose from a variety of Kits and join the fight on an allied Base, Rally Point or FOB.

Kit & Vehicle Restrictions

No more solo-tanking in lone-wolf snipers thanks to our Restriction System.


Guide your team to victory by assigning orders to Squads or make use of Support Weaponry like artillery or mortar strikes.

Mod Support

Want your favourite factions to battle against each other? AAW allows to be modified extensively.


PvP or COOP?

Only PvP so far.

Will there be multiple maps for this?

The base mod will deliver AAS game modes for Stratis, Altis and Tanoa. Multiple for each island to be exact.

How to play AAW?

Join one of the pilot servers. You can find them in our Discord: Also you can join our public playtests.

Will there be modded versions?

No official modded versions are planned yet, though we'll provide mod support for AAW. AAW is meant to be a framework, which can be used with different client-side mods so communities can easily implement their favourite assets. In addition several mod teams have shown interest to support our mod by making a modded version of it. AAW + IFA3 / RHS / CUP is totally possible.

Is there a custom VoIP?

Not at the moment. Since we don't want players to install additional mods in order to play, we'll stick to vanilla VoIP. If we see it's inefficient we will consider writing a VoIP system by ourselves or make TFAR / ACRE versions of the mission.

Why should I consider AAW instead of TacBF?

TacBF is a great mod, we're big fans of it. Yet the performance and required mods to enjoy it don't allow a smooth experience.

A3 performance in other MP game modes is bad, is it better in AAW?

Definitely. It's worth mentioning that our framework is built on unscheduled environment, making the process a lot more efficient and less taxing on the client. Playtests have shown that a 30 player environment works exceptionally well and frames are very high at this point.

How can I contribute / make feature requests / share my concerns?

We're happy about any kind of constructive feedback and criticism. You can join us on our Discord to talk to us directly or open feature requests on our GitHub repository.

Many game modes use monetization for in-game benefits. Will AAW have that?

Our mission is licensed as APL-SA or Arma Public License Share Alike. This means that any kind of monetization is forbidden and adaptions have to be released under APL-SA as well. The server-side PBO itself is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND, which does not allow any kind of distribution if you changed or remixed anything of the code, as well as usage without crediting AAW or re-releasing under another license. We can shut down servers that do not follow these rules.